About Us

Michael and Jennifer are two amateur cooks from the Tampa Bay area.  We started as beginners and found a passion for cooking more interesting recipes from well-known chefs.  After a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana we discovered some of our favorite new restaurants and began our constant search for new and different flavors, either from our own kitchen or at some of the best fine dining restaurants we could find.

Thanks to some of our close friends and family, we’ve had the opportunity to learn different techniques and styles and share some of our recipes (even the ones that weren’t so successful).  Now we’re glad to be able to share some of our favorites with you.  In addition, we plan to include occasional pictures and stories from our travels to new restaurants and the great wines we come across from time to time.

The name Mezzaluna has a couple of different meanings.  Literally translated from Italian, mezzaluna means crescent, or crescent moon.  It is also a curved cooking tool used to chop herbs and vegetables.  In this case, the term mezzaluna comes from a term Michael’s grandmother jokingly used to refer to her grandchildren – meaning “not all there”.  She was a highly respected cook and baker, we are glad to share some of her legacy among our various recipes on this website.

Thank you for joining us in our journey to find new flavors and techniques – we look forward to hearing from you regarding our recipes and travels!